Student Research

Students in the School of Education and Technology undertake a variety of research.

Recent thesis titles from the MA in Learning and Technology (MALAT) program include the following:

  • Fostering social presence on the virtual learning teams in the Master of Arts Programs in the School of Education and Technology at Royal Roads University, Stone, Jennifer (2017)
  • Gamification in nursing jurisprudence, Trimblett, Shelley M. (2016)
  • On-task: increasing attentiveness in students with ADHD, Sack, Erich (2016)
  • Tech team technology support model and new technology adoption at Calgary Girls' School, Melashenko, Joel (2015)
  • Mind, brain and education in the digital era: applications for online learning, Villegas, Felipe (2015)
  • Technology for capacity development: one union's perspective, Floritto, Arlene (2015)
  • Exploring paramedic perceptions of quality in online continuing medical education, Hillier, Timothy Frank (2015)
  • Video production as a pedagogical tool for 21st century learners, Gallant, George (2014)
  • Online degrees as credentials for employment: how do Canadian employers view online degrees?, Bahir, Fatima (2014)
  • Perceptions of studio-based online learning, Lamorie-Langley, Kate (2014)
  • The transformational technology innovation process: lived experiences in the Chilliwack BC secondary program, Tourand, Cheryl Veronica (2014)
  • An examination of the lived experience of eleven educators who have implemented open textbooks in their teaching, Paradis, Danielle (2014)
  • Learning in the open: quantifying personal learning environments, Mercer, Ralph E. (2014)
  • Starting point: a community of practice for Canada's environmental education network leaders, Baker, Eli (2013)
  • The institutional policy presence: from policy to practice, Maitland, Jason (2013)
  • Managing change: the measurement of teacher self-efficacy in technology-enhanced student-centred learning environments, Ferreira, Lucy Mary (2013)
  • Images and perspectives: young children and digital photography, Hasted, Peg (2012)
  • Learning women's anti-violence work: A phenomenographic study, Alexander, Margaret Marion (2012)
  • Using multimedia feedback to enhance cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning, Gould, Brian E. (2012)
  • The experience of teachers in distributed learning environments: implications for teaching practice, Lemieux, Kimberly (2012)
  • Effect of WebCT tool usage on maintenance of treatment standards by denturist practicum students, Paradis, Janet Patricia (2011)
  • The Twitter experience: the role of Twitter in the formation and maintenance of personal learning networks, Lalonde, Clint (2011)
  • Playing with dolls: use of simulation technology in the Thompson Rivers University respiratory therapy program, McKeown, Shari I. (2011)

Recent examples from the MA in Educational Leadership and Management (MAELM) program's final research paper include the following: