Student Research

Students in the School of Education and Technology undertake a variety of research.

Recent titles from the MA in Learning and Technology (MALAT) program include the following:


  • The Impact on Paramedics Learning Mindfulness Practices Online, Hackett, Sean (2020)
  • Fostering social presence on the virtual learning teams in the Master of Arts Programs in the School of Education and Technology at Royal Roads University, Stone, Jennifer (2017)
  • Gamification in nursing jurisprudence, Trimblett, Shelley M. (2016)
  • On-task: increasing attentiveness in students with ADHD, Sack, Erich (2016)
  • Tech team technology support model and new technology adoption at Calgary Girls' School, Melashenko, Joel (2015)
  • Mind, brain and education in the digital era: applications for online learning, Villegas, Felipe (2015)
  • Technology for capacity development: one union's perspective, Floritto, Arlene (2015)
  • Exploring paramedic perceptions of quality in online continuing medical education, Hillier, Timothy Frank (2015)
  • Video production as a pedagogical tool for 21st century learners, Gallant, George (2014)
  • Online degrees as credentials for employment: how do Canadian employers view online degrees?, Bahir, Fatima (2014)
  • Perceptions of studio-based online learning, Lamorie-Langley, Kate (2014)
  • The transformational technology innovation process: lived experiences in the Chilliwack BC secondary program, Tourand, Cheryl Veronica (2014)
  • An examination of the lived experience of eleven educators who have implemented open textbooks in their teaching, Paradis, Danielle (2014)
  • Learning in the open: quantifying personal learning environments, Mercer, Ralph E. (2014)
  • Starting point: a community of practice for Canada's environmental education network leaders, Baker, Eli (2013)
  • The institutional policy presence: from policy to practice, Maitland, Jason (2013)
  • Managing change: the measurement of teacher self-efficacy in technology-enhanced student-centred learning environments, Ferreira, Lucy Mary (2013)
  • Images and perspectives: young children and digital photography, Hasted, Peg (2012)
  • Learning women's anti-violence work: A phenomenographic study, Alexander, Margaret Marion (2012)
  • Using multimedia feedback to enhance cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning, Gould, Brian E. (2012)
  • The experience of teachers in distributed learning environments: implications for teaching practice, Lemieux, Kimberly (2012)
  • Effect of WebCT tool usage on maintenance of treatment standards by denturist practicum students, Paradis, Janet Patricia (2011)
  • The Twitter experience: the role of Twitter in the formation and maintenance of personal learning networks, Lalonde, Clint (2011)
  • Playing with dolls: use of simulation technology in the Thompson Rivers University respiratory therapy program, McKeown, Shari I. (2011)

Digital Learning Research Consulting Projects

  • The impact of interactive online modules in the annual training and preparedness of staff in dental programs, Wimmer, Joyce (2020) (Link to the online module created.) (Link to blog.)
  • Assessing the Impact of a Digitally Enhanced Rubric/Feedback Tool in a Practical Lab Setting, Heck, Tanya (2020)


Recent examples from the MA in Educational Leadership and Management (MAELM) program's final research paper include the following:

Research Papers