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A New Chapter for Educational Leadership and Management

May 6, 2020
Frédéric Fovet

Significant updates are sweeping into our MA in Educational Leadership and Management (MAELM) this spring, and core and associate faculty are exciting to see this new chapter unfold.

First, a brand new course is being offered during residency: EDLM505 Leading for Social Justice. This course explores Social Justice concerns in a school leadership context, in particular around inclusion and with regards to the Truth & Reconciliation recommendations and Indigenization of the curriculum. It examines and unpacks Critical Pedagogy concepts and other theoretical models which can guide transformative action for school leaders as they address these emerging issues. It also allows students to explore hurdles and opportunities in the design of transformative action within schools. This course adds a fascinating dimension to the MAELM program and is one of the few offered in Canadian universities that examines school leadership specifically within the context of Social Justice and Equity.

The second innovative feature being introduced to the program this spring is the availability of a thesis route for MAELM students. All MAELM students take on a research component and for most students, this will take the shape of a capstone project carried out within the final course of the program, EDLM610. Students who are keen to further develop their research skills will now be able to choose to complete a full Masters thesis instead, starting at mid-point in the program. MAELM thesis students will be taking a thesis proposal course, LRNT600: Advanced Research, before they begin with supervision proper, and will have the opportunity to create connections and collaborative partnerships within this 3 credit course with other thesis students from the MAHEAL and the MALAT programs, as it is available as a shared course offering. The osmotic format of this course will help widen the students’ perspective as researchers in the field of education, and increase the scope of their design questions.

Another exciting development for the MAELM program is the fact that from May 2020 it becomes a Z-degree, a zero textbook program. Along with the MA in Learning and Technology (MALAT) program, MAELM is one of the first North American programs to go textbook-free. The cost of textbook can be a significant burden for students and this represents a proactive and purposeful decision by the program to eliminate these costs altogether. Students can access all of the course materials through open educational resources, e-books, journal articles available from the RRU library and other free digital resources.

MAELM, in its new format, unfolds in June 2020 with the start of the 2020 cohort.  Applications for the program are accepted until May 15th.  If you’re interested in learning more about MAELM and the courses and certificates within it, visit our website or request more info.