Posted January 15, 2021 by George Veletsianos
A male student wearing a mask in class

Each year the National Institute for Digital Learning, located in Ireland, produces a list of top 10 "good reads" from journal articles published over the course of the year. These articles focus on the general areas of blended, online, and digital education, and are the best reads of the year, recommend for educators, researchers and policy-makers with an interest in the area.

Posted September 21, 2020 by George Veletsianos

The beginning of the (unique) Fall semester brought with it a flurry of creative posts from many on how to build community online and how to engage students in unique online activities and discussions. A few from the good people behind Equity Unbound are gathered here.

Posted May 1, 2020 by Tamara Leary

Teaching and learning in digital spaces are not new phenomena. The expertise in the development and delivery of course content – be it academic or not, continues to evolve. Understanding the needs and experiences of digital learners has long been and continues to be a topic of significant research interest.  Content on how to teach or how to learn in an online environment has always been plentiful, whether it is offered in print or digitally, with cost or for free.

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Posted February 24, 2020 by Ken Jeffery
Four sailboats sailing in different directions

How People Learn is Fascinating!

I have always found it fascinating to think about how people learn. Many years ago, I taught school-aged youth how to race sailboats. If you are familiar with the expression ‘herding cats’, that’s what it sometimes felt like to teach sailing. This was my first experience teaching, and I was soon struck by the notion that just because I can ‘teach’ something, it doesn’t mean that the learner will ‘learn’ it.