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Director's Welcome

Dr. Jo Axe

Welcome to the School of Education and Technology!

It is my pleasure as the Director of the School of Education and Technology to welcome you to Royal Roads University.

At Royal Roads, we take pride in our outstanding academic programs, so you can expect to be challenged and to develop new ways of thinking. In the School of Education and Technology, you will find faculty who are enthusiastic educators and dedicated staff working to supporting your educational experience.

As you move through your course of study, I encourage you to build on the skills you bring into the program, make practical use of the tools and theories to which you are exposed, and share your expertise with your classmates.

I am confident that the steps you are about to take will allow you to focus on your future by advancing your ability to think critically and to communicate effectively , thereby allowing you to contribute in new ways, both professionally and socially. Commit to your personal growth and strive to make the most of your experience at Royal Roads; while the time will pass all too quickly, the relationships you build will last long after the program is over.

Dr. Jo Axe
Director, School of Education and Technology