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Dene Hero project wins Arctic Inspiration

Monday, February 5, 2018 - 15:08

Mary-Anne Neal, School of Education and Technology associate faculty, is the project director of a team that was awarded the prestigious Arctic Inspiration Prize on January 31 in Ottawa. With the $100,000 prize money, Neal will train indigenous youth to take responsibility for annually publishing a collaborative book about Dene heroes that will be distributed to all five communities in the Sahtu region of the Northwest Territories. A further endowment of $60MIL ensures that the Arctic Inspiration Prize will continue for years to come.

The primary goals of the Dene Heroes Publication project are:

  • To build literacy skills in indigenous youth
  • To increase pride in the Dene people

Scroll down to the Youth Category to find more Information about the Arctic Inspiration Prize.

The Arctic Inspiration Prize was awarded to Mary-Anne Neal's team of indigenous youth in the Sahtu to continue publishing Dene Heroes of the Sahtu. The books give indigenous authors a voice and pride.
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