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Posted May 30, 2018 by SET Admin

The School of Education and Technology invites staff and faculty to attend MAHEAL students' poster presentations that will showcase their research projects. These cohorts of students began their program in June 2016, and are now in the final stages of completing the 2 yr. program.

A program requirement during their 2nd residency is to showcase their research project via a poster presentation. Each student will present their respective poster (20 minutes) and be available to answer questions.

Posted March 22, 2017 by School of Education & Technology

On February 23, guest speaker Dr. Rolin Moe, Director of the Institute for Academic Innovation at Seattle Pacific University led an hour of exploration and learning about innovation.

What is innovation? And should we aspire to be “innovative?”

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Posted July 27, 2015 by Karen Willy

I began an adventure this week, looking for supports for my son who is on the autism spectrum.  He is considered moderate. However, having said that he is very intelligent and is beginning a new college program in the fall.  Through some support, we discovered Livescribe pens.  These pens allow learners to create pen casts through tapeing either their voice and thoughts or a lecture and taking key word notes.  We received the two pens, one for me, and one for my son because I need to be able to use the technology to support him.

Posted July 23, 2015 by Sarah Dalzell

DISCLAIMER: Streaming and Integration both have value,  I only aim to offer a different perspective and begin a conversation about how best to meet the needs of all our students. Should we invest resources into streamed programs, as a way to more effectively target our intervention efforts?

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Posted August 8, 2014 by Sarah Phillips

I am in the midst of a bit of culture-shock, the likes of which I haven’t experienced since coming home from summer camp when I was a teenager. I have just returned home from the campus of Royal Roads University where I completed the residency component of the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership.Going into residency, I sort of expected it to be like summer camp. The campus, nestled in the woods on the coast of Vancouver Island, is a lot like the setting of the summer camp I attended when I was growing up.

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